Tip Top Tours Attraction in Bagan

The world heritage site of Bagan features one of the most worth-visiting destination in the country and as a local Myanmar Tours Operator, we highly recommend you to enjoy this area by your style with interesting activities:

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Su Tine San Royal Palace Hotel

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Balloon Trips

10 mins walking

Bagan is the land of 10,000 temples. Everywhere you look, large and small houses of worship cover the dry, dusty landscape. Most of them no longer are actively used, but all hold the ancient architectural style of the region.A great way to start the early morning is either watching or being in a hot air balloon. I’m not sure how the custom started, but it is a popular pastime.

Nyaung U Market

15 mins with car

It is a busy bustling market where hundreds of locals exchange their goods typically products from central Myanmar. The most interesting thing is the attraction of vendor women with beautiful patterns of Thanaka pasted on their cheeks. The products including woven bamboo baskets, cheroots made from both tree leaves and corn husks, stalks of Thanaka, palm sugar, packets of bean paste and all the meat, fruits, vegetables & groceries for cooking of a Burmese family needs can be seen there and the best time to visit is in the morning.